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Download Ableton Live 8.1 Crackeado ((HOT))

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I have followed all of the directions for installation and when i load ableton with touchosc, my ipad recognizes my ableton session and all of the perimeters are preloaded like they say. however, ableton is not recognizing and midi data from my ipad when i touch it. In my midi preferences i am able to select live control however no midi ports show up like they do in the installation pictures. obviously my computer is recognizing my ipad it just isnt receiving any midi.

It just worked fine today for me. Did you download LiveOsc That seems to help. You also don;t need to install anything other than the two installs from the site here. Live Control software has to be running. Try syncing to the Editor software first, then try and sync it with livecontrol app after. Thats how mine first kicked on.

hey fellows,ok this works perfectly on my iphone if i build up a completely new setBUT if I load a excising one, nothing is happening on ableton if I touch anything on my livecontrol on my iphone what have I done wrong

Hi! Livecontrol is ace, I have just one issue, it is the latency, I am running ableton 8.1 & 8.2 on MBP 10.6.8 I have tried both my home wifi and a creating a network from my mac in an attempt to reduce the lag, seeing as touchosc works through osculator with minimal, is the same possible with livecontrol 153554b96e


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