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"'That will fetch them,' said my mother; 'if they be in the house,that will fetch them, ma'am. No lady could stand against theminawindows.' And, sure enough, back they come by Mr. Kale, about anhour after you left our house, sir. It seems that Mr. Luke Sharp wasgone to dine with the Corporation, or likely they never would havecome at all. And they never would have come at all, because Mrs. Sharpcould not have found them, if it hadn't been that Master Sharp, theboy they think such wonders of, just happened to come in fromshooting, where the whole of his time he spends. He found his motherin the hystrikes of a heart too full for tears, as she expressed itbootifully to both cook and housemaid; and they pointed to the letter,and he read it; and he were that put out, that Master Kale, seeing thetwo big barrels of his gun, were touched in his conscience, and ranaway and got under the mangle. What happened then, he were afeard tobe sure of; but the cook and the housemaid brought him out, and theylocked him in, to eat a bit, which he did with trembles ofthankfulness. And, almost afore he had licked his knife as clean as helike to leave it, that wicked young man he kicked open the door, andflung a parcel at him. 153554b96e


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